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JEI is a World Class Plant Engineering Firm with Extensive Experience in the Natural Gas, LNG, and Power Generation Industries. 

We provide value to our clients by combining our creative ideas with a base of experience in Natural Gas, LNG, and Simple or Combined Cycle Power Generation.  We bring experience and innovation to the design process.  Our execution brings control to project budget and schedule. From Studies and Front End Engineering Design to Process and Detail Design, we use the latest in hardware, software, and sound based Engineering skills to bring our structured, proven approach to completion.  



We use the latest in computer simulations to confirm process designs.   Our experience with Natural Gas process design and operations provides confidence in design and equipment specifications.  Our client respect confirms that our designs meet requirements for both performance and operability.  We provide process simulations based on HYSIS models to insure performance and adherence to design specifications.  PHA and PSM leadership can be provided to insure OSHA compliance as a part of the design process.


Experience in design, construction, and operations support provides the basis for solid facility location and design layout.  Our experience includes import terminals, peak-shaving facilities, and satellite plants.  This experience is combined with the latest EPA and regulatory modeling.  Thermal radiation and vapor dispersion models using software meeting the requirements of NFPA 59A and the EPA provide the basis for containments and plant layouts for minimizing off-site impacts.  We have several plant style models to use as our conceptual basis or we can custom design one based on your specific needs.



Mechanical designs are reviewed to eliminate interferences, provide accessibility, and provide maximum functionality.   Designs are reviewed to meet process specifications before release.  Critical lines are analyzed for stress and provided with analytical support for routing and support.  Specifications, piping plans, sections and isometric drawings are reviewed to insure compliance to design standards for NFPA 59A, CFR 49, Part 193, and ASME B31.3.



Using modern analysis tools, designs are optimized to provide maximum functionality while using standard shapes and frame sizes.  Equipment and supports are analyzed to confirm responses to seismic, wind, and external forces in compliance with the latest ASCE, ACI, and AISC design standards.



From instrument, control system, and installation specifications to termination drawings, loop diagrams, and system security, designs are provided using modern database type programs to insure maximum compatibility and functionality in the plant environment.  Control systems can be provided using Allen Bradley, Modicon, or GE PLC based control systems. 



From conceptual load studies to coordination and protection to new feeder and distribution design, we use efficient techniques to bring equipment specification, one-lines, schematics, plans, and schedules to completion.  Designs are run concurrently with mechanical designs to shorten the design life cycle.  



Using broad based material costing, tracking and expediting programs, the material arrives on the construction site on time with no delays, unexpected storage, or shortages of components required to move the project ahead. 



We use proven management techniques which begins with providing firm schedules to monitoring execution and performance to coordinating disciplines and contractors.  The key to maintaining schedule and budget is to know what is happening on the project and then providing timely appropriate response.



Because of our experience, we can provide oversight or Owners Engineering Representative to both design and construction projects.  We have experience in Process Design, Design, Training, and Commissioning.  We can be a valuable asset with our vast experience in the LNG facility design.  We can identify proven design strategies, assist with discipline coordination, and provide peer review for most design disciplines.  Innovation and Execution provide the advantage to our designs. 



We provide commissioning, start-up services, procedures and operations manuals, and operator training.  We provide complete documentation to conform to PSM, OSHA and plant standards before placing the facility into operation.  We provide ongoing support and technical assistance to operations to insure the quality of the plant operation and bring your facility on line quickly, effeciently, and safely.



We work with our clients in developing projects.   Design parameters, arrangements, configurations, budgets and schedules are reviewed throughout the project.  We provide material and equipment selection and review, vendor coordination, and Third Party Review to assure a complete integrated system.  We provide Plant Technical support after the project.  We are known for our adherence to established schedules and our attention to the smallest of details.  This is what makes the difference in our designs, the results of our projects, and the satisfaction of our clients.

We can tailor a plan to meet your specific site needs or requirements.  We are flexible and know that projects are dynamic.  Our goal is being a part of your solution by our experience, innovation and execution.

Contact us if we can provide a review of your facility or project.   We know we can make a difference in your project development and execution.  Experience says that the best reference is the success of the project and the satisfaction of the client.



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